Sports and adventure tours

Sri Lanka offers endless opportunities for an unforgettable adventure holiday. Whether you want to experience a thrilling hot air balloon ride, surf the untamable waves or feel the crunch beneath your feet as you climb a daunting mountain peak, we will specifically design your Sports Adventure Tour according to your interest and desire.

sports adventure tour in Sri Lanka

Adventure tour in Sri Lanka

Ignite the adventurous spirit in you and transform your holiday into a daring escapade with our specialized Adventure tours.

*Starting from USD 1,307 per person

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horse riding Sri Lanka

Horse riding tour in Sri Lanka

How would it feel to discover the diverse landscapes, vivid culture and unique heritage of Sri Lanka on a horseback?

*Starting from USD 3,850 per person

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Trekking tour in Sri Lanka

Trekking tour in Sri Lanka

Get up close and personal with this mesmeric land by trying out our expertly designed Trekking tour in Sri Lanka. It is made for the intrepid, nature loving traveler seeking anything but the ordinary.

*Starting from USD 1,055 per person

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Biker in mountain forest

Discover Sri Lanka on a bicycle tour

Why drive on your holiday when you can discover tropical wonders of Sri Lanka on your bike? Sri Lanka is only about one-sixth of France, but has an eclectic combination of landscapes from panoramic mountain ranges and flat, dry plains to lush jungles. You can enjoy 10 days cycling through these breathtaking landscapes, bustling cities and tranquil, remote villages.

*Strating from USD 2,469 per person

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Golf tour Sri Lanka

Golf tour in Sri Lanka

Do you want to enjoy a challenging round of golf at the second oldest golf course outside Britain? Our specially designed Golf tour itinerary will let you explore the 130 year old Royal Colombo Golf Club located in the heart of Colombo.

*Starting from USD 482 per person

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