Despite its tragic recent past, Cambodia is slowly getting back on its feet with tourism. The once closed off cities are now opening up to visitors who flock to this tiny Southeast nation to discover its impressive heritage and breathtaking natural sights.

Cambodia maybe small but has many stunning attractions to discover. The most popular of them all is the UNESCO-designated Angkor Wat temple complex, an archeological site that rivals world wonders like Machu Picchu and Taj Mahal. The capital city of Phnom Penh, more than once destroyed by war, is now a bustling urban center with impressive French colonial buildings, lovely boutique hotels and an emerging dining scene.

Much of Cambodia is still remote and underdeveloped, which is part of the country’s charm that enamors travelers. The landscape of the countryside remains undisturbed and perfect for ecotourism. There are plenty of adventure sports to try in the lush highlands of Rattanakiri, Mondulkiri and the Cardamom Mountains. In the south of Cambodia are pristine, idyllic beaches and amazing islands perfect for relaxing and watersports activities. Travelers can enjoy rare freshwater dolphin cruises on the mighty Cambodian Mekong River and marvel at the sights and lifestyles of the incredible Tonlé Sap Lake. Travelers can also immerse themselves in the local culture that has withstood many horrors, and get to know the welcoming local people.

The best time to visit Cambodia is from November to March when the weather is cool and dry.

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