Beach and wellness tours

A relaxing beach holiday Sri Lanka is an opportunity to escape to paradise and experience ayurvedic treatments and relaxing yoga retreats.

Ayurveda spa tours

Ayurveda getaway in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka has a rich history of providing authentic Ayurveda treatments. You will get to spend a week on this beautiful, tropical island receiving luxurious care at the hands of some of the world’s best Ayurveda therapists trained in a tradition developed on the island over a thousand years.

*Starting from USD 1,295 per person

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beach holiday in sri lanka

Wellness and eastern beaches

Discover an ayurvedic center hidden in the forest, and continue your journey to the beach of Arugam bay. You will discover a yoga retreat and have the opportunity to visit the Pottuvil lagoon, or the Kumana national park.

*Starting from USD 1,189 per person

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Yoga in the mountains

The ultimate wellness tour

Experience a mix of yoga and ayurvedic treatments combined with the journey to experience the ancient rich Sri Lankan history by visiting the cultural triangle. You will enjoy ayurvedic treatments in the middle of the forest and stay in a yoga retreat set amidst to a tea plantation near Galle.

*Starting from USD 1,430 per person

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